Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Letters - week 1

Dear Gidget,

You are a sweet little baby.  I've been watching you smile in your sleep for a few weeks now and I have already noticed a dimple in your left cheek.  Very cute!  It is something you have all on your own as none of the rest of us have dimples (that aren't created from cellulite.) I just wanted to point this out, since you are #3 in line, yes, but I still promise to notice special things and make you feel like you are #1 - always.
 Yesterday and today you awarded me with a few of your very first social smiles - I'm very excited to see them happen more and more each day!

You are precious, and I love you,

Dear Cricket,

My huge blue eyed girl!  You are so sweet, and I noticed this week how much you tried to share with your sister.  I know how much you enjoy the mini-shredded wheats I gave you for snack - and I am deeply touched that you wanted to share them with your 4 & 1/2 week old sister.  Truly.  I'm not sure if you and your brother were in cahoots or what the heck happened - but while I was trying my very best to be 'supermom ' by nursing your sister while fixing your brother's underwear and pants at the same time - you managed to slip right under the radar and place one of the mini-wheats in her hand.  I also thought you were adorable when you tried to share some of your dry "O" shaped cereal.  You took that little multi grain "O" and airplaned it right to her lips! 

Let's recap, shall we?  Yes, Gidget gets milk - and PLENTY of it, but the cereal has to wait!  For once - I will allow you to be stingy and keep your food for yourself!  I promise in a very short time from now, you will be screaming at me that she has eaten all of your snacks/food.  Or here is another idea!  INSTEAD of  tormenting your brother by taking food/snacks away from him, and running to chuck them behind the furniture as he screams bloody murder behind you --- share with him!  (Or let him keep what he already had!)

You are thoughtful, and I love you,

Dear Cameron,

I have to start out by saying you broke my heart a little when you informed me this week that I was "no fun."  I mean let's be honest.  I know, I was mad I had lost a check, and I was arguing with you about cleaning up your toys in the living room - it wasn't exactly the most fun we've ever had!  Although, it was funny, it still stung.  However you really set me off with laughter a few times this week.  On Sunday, when you said in a little sing-song voice "Oh Daddy, I think you can stop the car nooooow..." - we had a good chuckle.  But today, when you asked me to blow up that big punching balloon - I about lost it.  After I handed it back to you, you seriously inspected my work and said "Not bad.  Not bad at all!"  I have no idea where you are picking up these little funny phrases, but I love them.  And I am so glad my ability to blow up a balloon met your approval!  Oh, and just one more thing!  Please stop sneaking off with my cell phone.  I have the children's pattern lock set on it so that you can not get into my phone any longer and change all the settings.  I'm tired of looking up the weather in Egypt.  I mean, I'm pretty sure it is raining here but I still want weatherbug to tell me about Cleveland!

You are silly, and I love you

Dear Darin,

Thanks for finding the crap I misplaced this week.  Oh - and stop unlocking my phone for Cameron, or I am going to change the pattern so you don't know it either! :) Yeah - I'm onto you!

You are ________, and I love you.  (Fill in the blank yourself!)

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