Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More funny stuff!

Sweet little snippets from the past 2 weeks.  Enjoy!

Cricket: - I'm scared.
Me: No you are not, you are fine!
Cricket: No I'm NOT fine, I'm Cricket.

Cameron fresh out of the shower - Daddy is getting ready to head to work:
"Ok mommy, you can not come wiff us, I'm going to get my haircut now."  (He wasn't going anywhere, and I tell him so!)
"I have to.  You stay here, and make dinner, Mommy."

 I walk in the living room to see Cameron "holding up" his sister with a watergun.
"Mommy - I will not shoot sissy if she gives me my toy."
While this is funny, I want him to know we don't shoot people we love (we'll expand on the rest when he's a bit more mature.)  So I do tell him this. His reply?
"I don't love her, she taked my toy."

Cameron is also going through a phase of rhyming and making up words.  Typically this is OK, however, I'm afraid people are going to think we are racist as he exclaimed I was a "Spigg-y" and a "Nigg-y."

It was pointed out to me that there is a little green Army Man inside the oscillating fan.  Cameron tells me he is in jail.  I tell him that putting things in the fan is dangerous and not allowed.  He tells me "Cricket did it."  So, I call Cricket over and tell her the same thing, then I ask her who put the green army man in there? "Bubba did."  I have no idea who to believe, but I'm leaning towards Cameron, it looked hard to do.  Later my parents stop by and I am showing them the jailed Army Man, and I expect to get the same reaction out of the children. Nope.  When I ask Cricket I get "I did it Mommy!"  Then Cameron gets mad - because "No she didn't - I did it Mommy!"  Really?  Really.

Today the kids are watching Blue's Clues.  The question: "How many potatoes does the brown cow need to eat?"

Cameron: "Five!"
Cricket: "Chocolate!"

When we clean up the living room, I always turn on Country music on our Direct TV.  Yesterday I turned on the music...
Cameron: "Oh no Sissy, mommy put it on 8-1-4, now we have to clean!"

And people wonder why I often say I don't think they are Menlo material!

Green Army man inside the oscillating fan.

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