Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kill it, Bubba!

Funny toddler conversations from the past 2 weeks:

Cricket:  "Ta-da!"
Cameron:  "That was not special Sissy."

Cameron:  "Ok, you fly Sissy."
Cricket:  "I flying, I flying!"
Cameron:  "This is NOT a dream."

From the kitchen I hear: 
Cricket:  "Kill it, Bubba."
Me:  Cameron, what is your sister asking you to kill?
Cameron:  "Mommy I killed a bug with that straw and the wheel on the table because the bug come into our house when we wanted it to be outside."  

(Cameron is chasing Cricket around the living room right after I finished watching the last episode of Oprah.)

Cameron:  "Give me your bad energy sissy, right... now!"
Cricket:  "No I not, I not bad energy!"

(Acting out the kids favorite commercial - I swear we have to do this 400 times a day)

Cameron:  "You look amazing."
Me:  "You look like a beach angel!"
Cameron : "Ahhhhaaa!  Ok now you say to me I'm amazing."
Me:  "You look amazing!"
Cameron:  "You look like a beach angel!"
Me: "Ahhhhha!"  (Trust me, this is the appropriate response to being told you look like a beach angel.)
So now I try to repeat the last interaction
Me: "You look amazing!"
Cameron:  "No!  I'm not amazing!  I'm a beach angel, you have to tell me I'm a beach angel.  You are amazing."


Cricket:  "I got dis (this) Mommy."
Me:  "What is it?"
Cricket: "Dis."
Me:  "What is it, Cricket?"
Cricket:  "It's dis Mommy."
Me:   "Cricket, please show me what you have."
Cricket:  "Oops!  I drop it Mommy!"

Catching up with Cameron on his day...
Me: "Cameron, what did you do today?"
Cameron:  "I just puked on Daddy's shirt."
Me: "Really?"
Cameron: "Seriouswy. For petes sake."
Me: (stifled laugh)  "Daddy didn't mention that to me.  Are you sick?"
Cameron:  "You look amazing."




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  1. I LOVE the stuff that comes out of your kid's mouths. It brings such a wonderful smile to my face and laugh from my belly. Thanks for sharing