Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It begins

Cameron, Cricket & Gidget

Our 3 miracles that were "never to be."   Our reproductive endocrinologist told us that my husband's DNA is most likely just "incompatible" with mine.  After 6 years of full out infertility - followed by 2 years of pregnancies which ended in multiple miscarriages - we did it.  We found a way to make his DNA like mine.  It took some amazing amounts of alcohol and a condom - but we did it! 
In 51 months time we have added 3 to the Earth's population.  (You are welcome!) 

Everyday is an adventure and that is true for any involved parent.  Although, my children while beautiful and bright - are slightly defective in some ways. (Well I can't speak of Gidget just yet, I mean she just made it through her trial period and well, she's a boob sucker  so she pretty much just eats and sleeps at this point.)  I'm not sure yet if it is Nature or Nurture - but something is a little off with those other two! 
 For instance there was this incident while I was pregnant with Gidget.  Cameron had taken the cushions off the couch and propped them up, making a ramp.  Without even speaking to each other - Cricket comes along and sets her dolly on the bottom of the cushion ramp.  Cameron gets up, bounces on the folded sofa bed and leaps onto the top of the cushion and this causes the baby doll to FLY across the room.  Both children take tremendous delight in the event.  I stood there horrified - holding my belly, and promising the baby within that I would not leave her in the room alone with them. 
I could bore you with more stories of the things I have pulled from each of their noses - jingle bells, earrings, noodles you know, the regular stuff all children shove into those under explored nostrils.  However, I won't.  I'll let our story begin here. 

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